About Us

Welcome to Novatex Solutions

Established in 1999 in Cyprus by a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic engineers.

Our history

NOVATEX SOLUTIONS LTD. was founded in November 1999 in Nicosia. The purpose of the company was and is to create and offer services in Cyprus online. In Cyprus, netcy.com creates websites to enter the market for corporate web hosting and web design. From its inception until today, netcy.com has made steady and great strides in its development.

Within these 10 years, Novatex Solutions has expanded by creating other websites related to internet services, promoting services and global market. Integrating technology so that high standards can provide reliable, functional and also financial services. Today it has the ability and capacity to provide your own partnering web services. The experience of the field of Internet and computers can guarantee success in your internet world and support all your business efforts in this area.

Company Infrastructure & Partners.

Novatex Solutions has developed a partnership with two major European data centers in Great Britain and a data center in America. Novatex Solutions hosts the servers of the company in accordance with the standards set by international standards of reliability, security and speed access to data centers. All equipment are covered by UPS to ensure availability of 99.95% in the event of power failures and diesel generators that are activated automatically when the batteries of the UPS start to deplete.